GiveAway Contest Gila Buasir Otak: Artikel Pilihan

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Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim

Sempena meraikan entri ke 1000 blog buasirotak, 
aku dengan takzimnya menyahut seruan kontest yang diadakan heh heh heh..
Sebelum tu, Tahinah Tahniah Buasir Otak atas pencapaian luar biasa @ abnormal ni..

klik-klik banner ini

Jadi entri bertajuk : Baling Tin

Pernah main baling tin/baling selipar ? :-)
berbirat woo badan kena selipor..

Dedication : MH370 in Southern Indian Ocean

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Dedicated to mh370

We waited for your return,

We tried all ways to rescue you,

Hours turned to days,

Still we never gave up on you,

Theories started unfolding,
Hijack , man or machine ?

Soon the days turned to weeks
Still we never gave up on you,

Families were broken, shattered
Leaders were lost without answers,

The waiting seem never ending,
Still we never gave up on you,

Mothers, fathers, siblings, children,
A deep lost, each so valuable,

Longing just to see the familiar smile again,
Still we never gave up on you,

Latest technology, sophisticated assets,
So many countries beyond borders

All wanting to find you,
we never gave up on you,

Finally a news we dreaded to hear,
Your flight ended they say,

Was our waiting in vain?
No, cause we will never ever give up on you

Many lost their precious jewels,
Passengers, crews and our dear national carrier,

Our hearts are torn, tears overflowing
But Life has not ended only changed

We will still not give up on you

Lost but never forgotten.

Alfatihah and deepest condolence to all on board family's of MH370

Credit : here